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Bath & Potty

Bath & Potty

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  1. Stokke FlexiBath

    Stokke FlexiBath


    Out of stock

    Suitable from birth to four years A lightweight bathing solution that folds flat Ergonomic and flexible support Optional Flexi Bath® Newborn Support gives additional comfort for babies Award-winning design Learn More
  2. Mustela Newborn Set

    Mustela Newborn Set


    Full of Mustela favorite newborn essentials! Packaged in an eco-friendly, phthalate-free, blue trimmed gift tote that includes: Foam shampoo for newborn 5.07 OZ. Prevents and helps cradle cap disappear. PhysiObébé® 10 FL. OZ. A one-step, soap-free gentle cleanser for the face and diaper area. Rinsing not necessary. Hydra-Bébé® body 10.1 OZ. Leaves newborn and baby skin silky-soft and protected. Vitamin barrier cream 1.9 OZ. Prevents early signs of diaper rash and helps reduce irritation. Product sample and gift. Learn More
  3. SKIP HOP Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub

    SKIP HOP Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Tub


    Out of stock

    Our versatile tub grows with baby through three stages and is the only baby bath tub you'll ever need. The sling locks into two ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support and lower for seated support. Dual layered mesh and comfort-edge construction securely cradles baby from head-to-toe. The slings adjusts to a cushioned seat that comfortably supports babies learning to sit. Remove the sling when baby has mastered sitting and easily bathe baby in the spacious tub-no uncomfortable plastic bumps. Learn More
  4. Ubbi Wipes Dispensers

    Ubbi Wipes Dispensers


    wipes dispenser is designed to make diaper changing duty easier allowing parents to pull one wipe at a time. Learn More
  5. 3 Sprouts Hooded Towel

    3 Sprouts Hooded Towel


    The perfect way to top off bathtime? With a hooded towel that keeps heads warm and dry -- not to mention looking adorable! Learn More
  6. Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support

    Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support


    Out of stock

    For use from 0 – 8 months. Maximum 8 kg/17.6 lbs. L: 46 W: 20 H: 6 cm Weight: 0,3 kilo Learn More
  7. Mustela Dermo-cleansing

    Mustela Dermo-cleansing


    Soap-free cleansing gel for newborns used to gently cleanse the body and hair. Gently cleanses body and hair of newborns and babies while respecting the integrity of the scalp’s hydrolipidic film: Soap-free, neutral pH. Learn More
  8. Mustela Hydra bebe Body Lotion

    Mustela Hydra bebe Body Lotion


    Out of stock

    This daily moisturizing lotion is specially formulated for the delicate skin of babies and newborns, and provides immediate and lasting hydration while reinforcing the skin barrier. Learn More
  9. Mustela Physiobebe

    Mustela Physiobebe


    Out of stock

    10.14 oz. Ideal for quick clean ups, this no-rinse cleansing fluid for face and diaper area effectively cleans and softens the skin. Just apply to the skin using a soft cloth, diaper wipe or cotton pad and pat dry -- no rinsing needed. Learn More
  10. thinkbaby SPF-50+ Sunscreen (3fl OZ)

    thinkbaby SPF-50+ Sunscreen (3fl OZ)


    At THINKBABY and THINKSPORT, we are continually expanding our mission to provide safe products by identifying consumer product categories with known human health issues. Specifically, we target products that contain high levels of hormone disruptors and carcinogens. The majority of sunscreens currently on the market are full of questionable ingredients and known carcinogens. Simply looking at the ingredients you'll quickly realize you don't recognize any of them. Many existing sunscreens have been brought to market with little concern for their safety. Not only do ingredients in sunscreen interact with skin, but data shows after application of lotions, some of the same chemicals can be detected in the bloodstream. Most people wear sunscreen to reduce the chance of developing cancer, so why apply something that could potentially increase this risk? This question has unfortunately left many people moving away from using sunscreen at all. How is the THINKBABY and THINKSPORT livestrong different? The new sunscreen developed by THINKBABY and THINKSPORT sunscreen is highly effective, falls into the highest category for water resistance (80 minutes) and has a sensible SPF 50 plus rating. The highest UVA and UVB coverage. The formula does not use nano (ultra small) zinc oxide or aerosol spray both of which are of high concern in the science community. Top rated by EWG's skin deep in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Featured in 100s of magazines and online articles. Easy to apply and does not feel oily. Used by pro athletes to weekend warriors. Learn More

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