ScootersRemember when the holidays were a time to get and play with fun new toys? The great news for adults with children in their lives is that the fun doesn't have to end once you grow up. Picking out and then helping kids set up their new toys can give you the same joy that you used to feel when you were young! We have lots of options for last-minute gift ideas for kids in many age brackets, including toys that help kids get out of the house and become more active. Look here for the interactive toys you're looking for this holiday season.

Popular Gifts for Younger Children

Young children are easy to please, but also need toys that help them in their mental and physical development. We've found that some of the newest models of bikes and trikes, like YBIKE, help toddlers learn how to scoot and build the muscles in their little legs. You'll have a blast following your little one while he or she zooms around the living room and front yard.

What to Get When They Start Growing Up

If you're shopping for an older child, our Micro Kickboard is a flashy and fun model of scooter. These come in a three-wheeled option for younger kids that want to be like their older brothers and sisters but lack the coordination to balance. These models are recommended for getting kids active between the ages of 5 and 11. 

The Micro Kickboard also has as a traditional two-wheeled scooter for older adolescents and even adults! Unlike popular 90s scooters, these are made of hardy material and have a larger front wheel, so you won't crash when going over rough patches of pavement or even moderately-grassy areas. If you want to create your very own family-wide scooter gang, you can pick up these toys for members of the whole family and impress the neighborhood.