The winter is a cold time for the littlest among us. Babies are used to be snug and safe inside their moms, and those born during the coldest months need to be dressed carefully to keep out the chills, especially during the freezing New York and New Jersey winters. Although your little one may be all set in the coat and onesie department, don't forget to think of your baby's toes! If you're looking for the easiest and warmest options for baby socks and booties, we'll tell you about the latest models.


Easy, Comfort, and Cuteness

The baby booties of today are no longer frilly decorations for babies' feet. Companies like Stonz have developed their special water-resistant Booties and Linerz to stay on even when babies are kicking up their heels. Their covered elastic cinches make it easy to keep feet snug against harsh winds, and they also cover babies' ankles, protecting not only feet but also the delicate skin that often gets exposed. 

Trumpette socks are also extra-long and soft to keep babies warm. What's the use of bundling up your baby if all their body heat escapes through flimsy stockings? These footie options can keep your baby's toes toasty even when you take the stroller out for a jog or out on the town to see holiday lights. 

Zutano Sherpa Booties are both fashionable and functional.  Zutano Booties are unique with a 2 snap design which will keep them on your little one’s feet until you decide to take them off. These cozy booties are perfect for indoors as well as a great accessory to any one of the adorable outfits designed to keep your baby warm when outdoors this winter.