Baby Trends: Magnets!


Magnet technology has been all the rage in kid toys and clothing lately and for good reason.

During play and discovery time, magnets not only foster tiny finger and hand coordination, they also promote “cause and effect” problem solving. They also give endless possibilities for creativity.

Coordination help is not just for kids! Parents benefit from the simplicity of magnets on baby and toddler clothes. Rather than using buttons and snaps, magnet fasteners make changing so quick and easy.

Here are some of our favorites

Vegetable Set

 Baby Trends: Magnets!

Chop Chop! Wee love the fun Vegetable Set that allows for kids imagination to run wild. Kids can use the safe wooden knife and cutting board to “chop” each vegetable for their gourmet meal.  Also available in fruits!


Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks 

Tegu Magnetic Toys


Wee love the Tegu magnetic wooden block system! Tegu blocks can be built by instruction or by exploration. With a child’s imagination, anything is possible and buildable! Tegu also has a lovely socially responsible agenda that creates jobs, plants trees and sends children to school in the Honduras.



Janod Magnetic toys


Designed as a toy that's easy for little hands to take apart, and put back together, this magnetic kit from Janod is an easy submarine for kids to master!


Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack-Up from Manhattan Toy 

Manhattan Toys Brilliant Bear


A classic toy with a twist! Toddlers can enjoy organizing with the magic of the magnet! The 5 smooth and colorful wooden stacking discs are topped with the friendly brilliant bear. Perfect for +9m.


Magnificent Baby

Magnificent Baby


Adorable? Check. Easy to use? Check. Magnificent Baby gives us a whole new clothing line solution that eliminates snaps and buttons when dressing your wiggly baby.

All items are available at both Hoboken and Brooklyn locations.