Ok. No intro needed. It’s cold. Here is what wee have in our Hoboken, NJ and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY locations to keep you and the wee babe warm.

Magnificent Baby Bear Footie
Available in Brown or Cream


Why wee love:
Not only is it warm and snuggly (and oh so cute!) it also snaps with magnets making it super easy to dress/undress your little cuddle bear.


7 AM Enfant Stroller Hand Muffs
Available in Fleece or Fuzz


Why wee love:
There is nothing sadder than a lonely glove, this way you’ll never to lose them. They strap onto your stroller handle so when you need to wipe your little one’s nose or find your phone,  all 5 (or 10 fingers) will be warm and toasty! Plus.. they are soo comfy.

Zutano Winter Wear
Cozie Fleece Hat, Booties and Mittens


Why wee love:
It’s warm,  it’s fleece,  and the hats have ears. What more can wee say?

7 AM Enfant Nido Quilted Wrap
Available in Orange, Black, Midnight


Why wee love:
With the help from The Car Seat Lady, this car-seat baby wrap replaces the need for a winter coat keeping kids warm and safe in the car seat. No fishing baby arms through a arm hole.